🌱 eco buddy

a step towards a cleaner earth.


A tool to visualize & track an individual's environmental impact. Users can stay informed on everyday steps that they can take to combat climate change.

TIMELINE: 10 weeks

Role: UX & UI Design, Animation

tools: InVision Studio, Adobe Illustrator & After Effects

*This promotional video was made as a deliverable for project submission & eco buddy is not currently available on the app store

The Vision

With each day, the climate crisis gradually worsens. While many are aware of the impending effects of climate change, it is difficult to know just how much of an impact we have on the environment as individuals. Eco buddy aims to address this common dilemma by providing a way for people to visualize their current impact as well as track their efforts to improve it. Eco buddy encourages the implementation of everyday measures that can be taken to live more environmentally friendly.

Production Plan

Above is my intended 10 week production plan between January and May 2020. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, my final semester was cut short and I was forced to re-evaluate my timeline under these extenuating circumstances. User Testing, which is an absolute crucial component of the design iteration process, was unfortunately unable to be formally conducted within the project timeframe.


How can environmental impact be quantified?

Market and Target Demographic


were surveyed, and a
follow up interview was given
to 3 individuals.


were found to be most willing to take action towards the issue of climate change.


were familiar with ecological footprints, but only 31% have calculated their own.

Information was collected on what efforts people are currently making in their day-to-day lives to mitigate climate change. When asked what currently prevents them from implementing eco-friendly lifestyle habits that are accessible to them, 80% of participants claimed that convenience is a main inhibiting factor and 61% selected forgetfulness.

Competitive Analysis

To get a further sense of foundation and direction, I had to review what eco-apps are currently doing and where they fall short in accomplishing user needs.

Through my user survey results, I found that it was crucial emphasize convenience, and keep users informed and reminded.

Critical points to consider:

  • Avoid information overload
  • Clear visualization of progress
  • Straightforward navigation
  • An informative learning space

Information Architecture

Wireframing + Flows

Before moving on to the higher fidelity visuals of the user interface, I spent some time ideating through paper and pencil wireframes. This process allowed me to do some rapid prototyping in order to get an idea of what some basic user interaction flows would look like.


Mapping Out User Flow

Final Design Walkthrough